Bring your thought leadership to the masses with credibility, clarity, and confidence.

Even if your schedule is tight and social media is the last thing on your list!


 Bring your thought leadership to the masses with credibility, clarity, and confidence.

Even if your schedule is tight and social media is the last thing on your list!


What if your online presence positioned you in front of your dream clients, employers, and peers and brought you the opportunities you’ve been waiting for?

Imagine landing your dream job, ideal client, or prized recognition
all because of your increased visibility.

Show off your thought leadership with

...the best way for people to get to know you online in a meaningful, informative way without putting another task on your to-do list.

Whether you want to establish credibility for industry recognition, connect with potential clients, or take your rightful place as an expert among your peers, this program is designed for you to get noticed whether you’re an entrepreneur or part of an organization.

This ongoing program is for leaders in client-facing roles who want to grow their online presence without wasting time on things that don’t get results. Whether you’re in leadership at an organization, or spearheading your own venture, your time is just as valuable as your expertise.

If you’ve been overwhelmed by all of the steps required to be consistently visible in today’s digital age, not to mention the myriad of social platforms, you’re in the right place.

It’s so easy to get stuck in your own head on what matters, frustrated with designing your own graphics, and avoiding the camera entirely because thinking about what to say (without freezing up or rambling) feels like a full-time job, on top of the one you’re already doing!

Trying to keep up feels like a lot of effort, with very little return on the precious time you’ve invested already. If you’re tired of pouring into social media tactics without moving the needle,

THIS is the one-of-a-kind service you’ve been WAITING for!


The Credibility Program takes you from unknown to well known.

With The Credibility Program you can finally be known as the go to expert AND be more efficient in business. 

It’s exhausting being an executive (whether in your own business or someone else’s) and your own social media manager. It’s even more discouraging when it feels like being the expert just isn’t enough. You know you have so much value to give! It’s just that finding time to establish and amplify your personal brand seems like a giant time suck.

You know new opportunities are out there for you. But who has time to navigate today’s forever-changing digital environment, much less stay consistent on a platform like LinkedIn without burning out or dropping other priorities? 

Thanks to The Credibility Program, you do.


You struggle with technology or keeping up with social media.

You want to leverage video, but keep recording videos you never post.

You have a full plate of responsibilities that don’t leave you with a lot of time to give.

Especially if you have so much to show for, but no one ever really sees your genius except you and your team. You know you *should* be posting and sharing more, and maybe you’ve even taken a workshop or two on LinkedIn. But it’s just not working.

Does this feel like you?

S M A R T E R  N O T  H A R D E R

The greater your success, the less time you have to add ANOTHER “should” to your strategy. 

There are already so many platforms, so many trends to keep up with, and your plate is about to spill over! How will you have time to add something else when you’re stretched so thin? I get it. And here’s the reality…

It’s not about working harder
. It’s about working
smarter with quality, engaging content instead of just filling a generic content calendar.


You went from

Scattered and distracted on social media to consistent, confident, and credible?

You went from

Chasing leads and begging for a call to sought out by dream clients or employers ready to hire you on the spot?

You went from

Being a hidden gem among your competitors to becoming the industry leader they look up to and benchmark against?

You went from

Waiting for opportunity as an unknown expert to the booked out, well-respected authority KNOWN for your credibility and competence?




Your personal branding and image strategist committed to helping women like you take their place as “Who’s Who” in their field. In the past year, Karyl has trained over 500 professionals in leadership. 

Here’s the deal. Even the most successful people struggle with confidence, imposter syndrome, fitting in, and daring to stand out among the competition. Add the demands of the virtual world and it becomes a thousand times harder! We tend to want to make friends first, and lead later. But in a competitive workforce, you have to step up and into the new opportunities that come your way. Better yet, develop the confidence to create your own opportunities! 

You've worked hard to build a business, a brand, a legacy. And now you're ready for the next step: to be seen, heard, and remembered as THE EXPERT that you are. Doing business in a virtual world means that it's imperative to have a personal brand and image that speaks clearly, both in-person and digitally. Our commitment to you is that our time together will be educational, informative, tailored to your needs, and always fun!


T H E  V O I C E  S T R A T E G Y

So, what’s The Credibility Program made of?

Our signature five-part strategy of finding your V.O.I.C.E. so you can be the Visible, Original, Impactful, Confident, (go-to) Expert that you are!

But more importantly, it’s a “done for you and done with you” service so you can finally move from clicks and comments to closed deals and industry recognition.


PLUS, upon review and approval, all assets are uploaded for you so you don’t have to mess with the “tech” side of things! 

As a bonus in your very first month, you’ll receive:

As a bonus in your very first month, you’ll receive:


  • Have more time to do what fulfills you instead of draining your energy with menial tasks 
  • Hand over the time-consuming work of content creation so you can focus on the priorities in front of you
  • Increase your visibility without being completely overwhelmed by the demands of social media
  • Ultimately gain recognition as the thought leader you are and enjoy new opportunities due to your strategic, credible online presence!
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The numbers speak for themselves on what’s at stake without a credible digital presence.

Today, buyers are spending an unprecedented amount of time researching solution providers BEFORE they agree to a virtual meeting.  

In a survey conducted by The Image Impact Group, only 13.7% of participants answered "yes" to the statement: "When I Google myself, the top search results demonstrates my current expertise."

These candidates were beyond qualified to be recognized as experts in their field, yet almost 90% of them had little to no current and/or relevent presence online!

So, if your dream clients can't find you - it doesn't matter what your level of expertise is. They are going to go to your competitor. Unfortunately, your loss becomes your competitor's opportunity.


Let’s look at it from your client’s point of view.

They hear your name in passing and decide to look you up. Do they find...

Empty search results with 0 information about you. No online presence, or worse yet, a confusing presence with outdated or irrelevant information.

Some pictures of you from social gatherings but no professional information and an incomplete LinkedIn profile.

Your professional headshot and photos, links to articles and/or blogs that show you as an expert, and videos where they get a sense of your personality and credibility.

Who do you think they’re scheduling a meeting with?

You, or your competitor that’s established and approachable online?

This is exactly why I created The Credibility Program! Because you deserve to be seen, heard, and known for what you bring to the table.



You received inbound referrals based on your expertise and thought leadership without spending all day crafting new content?

 Dream clients were well-versed in the value of your service instead of wondering why they should work with you?

 You were frequently noticed by your peers and potential clients just by having a simplified strategy?

➔ Your core credibility message was so solid you embraced the confidence to show up and share it?

 Building your credibility was clear, concise, and consistent so you stop reinventing the wheel every time you decide to post?

 You had a fun, relatable personal brand coach (that’s been in your shoes!) who wants to see you succeed in your business and help you get there in a way that’s enjoyable and efficient?

Is The Credibility Program for you?

If you’re ready to take your online presence and awareness to the next level, it’s a no brainer! But if you’re not interested in showing up, putting in the work, and being proactive in your business, then unfortunately this program won’t be the best fit for you.

However, if you’ve done the work establishing your personal brand and image, investing in your credibility is the next step so you can leverage your expertise to its full potential! If you haven’t established your brand, don’t worry. We have The Image Impact Branding Program for that, too! 

Don’t stay stagnant hiding behind your screen. Let me help you step into the boundless opportunities that come with creating your credible, consistent, and confident presence in the online world!


Ready to get in front of your ideal clients, employers, or peers and WOW them with YOUR credibility?


A personal, one-of-a-kind service taking you from unknown to well known.  


The Credibility Program includes:

  • 1 Hour Video Coaching/Creation Session per month
  • 4 Edited Credibility Videos each month
  • 12 Branded LinkedIn Social Assets each month
  • 4 LinkedIn Articles/Newsletters each month
  • 20 Minute Mid-Month Status Call 
  • PLUS, upon review approval all assets are uploaded for you so you don’t have to mess with the “tech” side of things!

These BONUSES in your first month:

  • Online Image Impact Assessment
  • 1 Hour Strategy/Onboarding Call
  • 6 Branded LinkedIn Social Media Templates
  • 3 Branded Thumbnail Templates
  • 10 Steps to Maximize Your LinkedIn Presence