who have become leaders in their industry and advanced their business opportunities through personal branding and credibility.

Join personal branding and image expert, Karyl Eckerle, in celebrating female leaders who embody the idea of BRAND. LEAD. ADVANCE.

You might even see some faces you recognize and look up to!

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"Karyl and I had spent so much valuable time together... From starting to talk about business strategy to how that translates to my image, this experience has been absolutely phenomenal!"

Lauren Ammon

Mindset Coach

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"I started working with Karyl in February, and since then, I have been seeing as much as 10 people a day, that's the highest I've seen join my email list since I started video coaching and using LinkedIn as another vehicle to reach my ideal client... and that is worth its weight in gold if you are on the fence about working with Karyl and the Image Impact Group."

Topsie Vandenbusch

Mindset Coach

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"We have been getting enormous amount of feedback, our LinkedIn followers have gone up, I've had customers contact us about the content that we're producing. Karyl's just been fantastic to work with! She's really brought a lot to our business and to my way of thinking when it comes to content, and social media, and your presence."

Lynn Johnson

President, APiS North America

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"I have just finished our 4-hour session with Karyl, and she has helped me create all of the video content I need to promote my new grow sessions... She gets us out of our comfort zone. She worked me hard but the hardwork is worth it, and it's worth every penny that I've invested in myself and in the Image Impact Group."

Amy Forehand

Founder, The Forehand Company


Let’s talk about amplifying your image and personal brand so you make the impact you’re intending to. We’d love to get to know you!
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