Karyl Eckerle, Personal Brand and Image Strategist

IT'S TIME to control your narrative, to open new doors, and to create new opportunities. 


IT'S TIME for you to be seen as the VISIBLE, ORIGINAL, IMPACTFUL, CONFIDENT EXPERT you know you are!

You've been dreaming about it, IT'S TIME to start living it!

IT'S TIME to find your V.O.I.C.E. with our Image Impact® programs.

Around here, we believe the impact made by a confident appearance starts with YOU!

Let's face it, you’re a walking billboard! Whether you’re in a client-facing role in an organization, or the face of your own company, first impressions are made in about 7 seconds. That’s not a lot of time!

Your first impression can literally make or break your credibility. Your image reflects who you are. Are you presenting who you want to be?

Your image IS your business® don't leave it up to chance.

As a professional personal brand and image strategist, my job is to provide you with a tailored experience so you can look and feel confident.

The IMAGE IMPACT® program was built to help build your confidence and showcase who you are. 

From developing a strategic message to building your signature style and visible credibility to capturing the new you during your photoshoot...we're here to support you each step of the way!

Because when you’re confident, others will be confident IN you. And that starts with looking the part.

I have spent a lot of money to try to further my speaking business, and I can honestly say that a lot of it was wasted on people who didn't deliver what they promised. What I can also honestly say is that the money I spent with Karyl was some of the best money I ever spent. She delivered what was promised, but more importantly, she made me THINK differently about my image, and I genuinely shifted, and the value of that has had ripples for the 3 years since we worked together! Karyl is the real deal, and I'm so glad I invested in her expertise!

Anne Bonney

Motivational Speaker

In a world where women have fought hard to be taken seriously in the workplace, much less in leadership roles, you have a unique opportunity to choose who you want to be.

I can’t wait to partner with you in defining your vision, and creating the visible credibility that reflects your best self, so you can truly have the impact you want to make.


I had the pleasure of working with Karyl on my brand and image as I was making a career transition. I can't thank her enough for all her help and support throughout my journey. I learned so much and benefited from her knowledge, experience and push to get myself out there in a different way. She truly helped me to ACTIVATE my gifts and become a true Talent Activator.

Dawn Poteau

Founder, Talent Activators

The IMAGE IMPACT® branding program creates the reach for your brand.

Your personal brand is your legacy and reputation. Whether you’re in leadership within an organization or the face of your own business, the stakes are high.

You’re finally in a place to own the room. But are you holding back? 

You thought a new title would give you more confidence, but sometimes you’re still not sure what to say or what to wear. 

I get it. And I’m here to catapult you into the confident, recognizable leader I know you’re meant to be!

Through the IMAGE IMPACT®  branding program we’ll identify what resonates with you and your ideal client so you feel authentic and empowered in how you show up.

Not only is Karyl an accomplished image consultant, she is an extremely creative problem-solver and thinker...I think her secret superpower is helping solopreneurs elevate every aspect of their work, brand and image. And you have a lot of laughs along the way too, which is always an added bonus! This is an investment you don't want to pass up!

Lisa Machala

Founder, The Collaborative Body

The IMAGE IMPACT® Branding Program allows us to create a 360° strategy for your image, online presence, and client attraction.


It’s just as much about creating the wardrobe you love as it is establishing your core messaging and connecting with the right people to help reach your goals.

From keynote speaking engagements to internal presentations, and client conversations to online thought leadership, uncovering your brilliance can have a lot of moving parts! 

I’m here to help you navigate it all with ease, and establish consistency across all platforms from in person to online. 

Your customized program includes everything in the Image Impact® program, plus time to work on stategies to move you forward faster, such as:

  • Brand Identity
  • Networking Strategies
  • Webinar Development
  • Video Coaching
  • Presentation Development
  • LinkedIn Strategies
  • Credibility Strategies

What you learn and who you become through this program will far outlive our work together. 

Karyl does a great job of combining both image and message. I hadn't found anyone else who does that. The support she provides other women to find their voice verbally and non-verbally is unmatched.

I was able to get crystal clear on my message...Karyl help take me to that next level.

Lauren Ammon

Founder, Performance Reimagined

The IMAGE IMPACT® 360 branding approach allows you to utilize several avenues to showcase your credibility and expertise in person and online.

In the end, prospective clients and employers will see without a doubt that you’re the one for the job right away— because you’ve already established your rightful place in your industry.


The IMAGE IMPACT® Credibility  Program creates the thought leadership for your brand.

The final key to your online presence is strategically positioning yourself as the go to expert, without adding another task to your to-do list.

The Credibility Program is designed to set you apart from the competition so you can gain industry recognition and move your career and/or business forward.

Together, we create content around what’s most important for prospects and peers to understand about what you do and who you are. Because with strategy first, we’re not wasting a second on generic or fluffy content to just fill up a feed.

One of the most unique pieces of this program is our monthly coaching call where we co-create engaging videos so you can step forward and grow in the online space as a credible, respected woman in leadership.

Our goal is to allow you to share your expertise and credibility in your own words consistently without all the work! So when people browse your LinkedIn profile, they’re impressed and engaged. That’s what moves the needle and gets results!

Here's a peek at what's included:

Are you ready to establish your credibility?


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