Video + LinkedIn - Unleash Your Sales Team's Potential

Mar 18, 2024

Imagine hitting every single sales target...every quarter.

It's not just a dream—it's possible. But, as we stand on the brink of another quarter's close, take a moment to reflect: is your sales team truly resonating with clients? When it's time to solve a problem, are your people the first ones they think of?

Let's break it down. You’ve seen the pattern: so near to the goal, yet the competition snatches victory at the last second. The harsh truth? They remember the competitor, not you. Why?

Because the competitor stayed TOP-OF-MIND!

Here's the game-changer: personal branding powered by video on LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn's not just a platform; it's the stage for professionals. But if your team's not leveraging it, they're blending into the background. My advice? Be the voice that cuts through the noise, not just another echo.

Be a voice, not an echo. 

It's about more than just being loud. It's about showing up with something worth hearing—solutions, credibility, originality. It's about sharing videos that create a lasting impression, videos that aren't just seen but remembered.

Let's get real: it's crowded out there. Everyone's shouting for attention. If it were easy, well, everyone would be hitting their targets effortlessly. It’s time to get creative.


Here's How You and Your Sales Team Can Use LinkedIn and Video to Stay Top of Mind:

  • Share Insights: Post videos that showcase your unique expertise. Offer value that no one else can.

  •  Be Authentic: Connect with viewers on a personal level. Authenticity builds trust—and trust builds business.

  •  Consistent Presence: Regular posts keep you in the limelight, not once-in-a-blue-moon appearances.

  •  Engage: Interact with your connections. Ask questions, answer comments. Be a conversation starter.

Leaders in sales—directors and VPs—it’s time to pave the way for your team to develop that distinct personal brand.

It's about being recognized, not overlooked.

It's the difference between closing the deal and watching it go to someone else.

If you’re ready to elevate your team and crush those sales targets, now's the time to talk strategy. Let's discuss bespoke solutions that can propel your team to the forefront—where they belong.

Let’s set up a time to chat. Together, we'll make this quarter yours.

Act now. Lead boldly. And let’s put those sales figures on overdrive. See you out there!

I'm Karyl Morris

I work with organizations and client-facing leaders on thought leadership marketing through personal branding, image, and content strategies.

We take a 360 approach, knowing that how you show up digitally is just as important as how you show up in person. From 1:1 personal brand and image coaching to photo shoots to video content, we create the confidence and consistency you need.

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