Your tools just may be tucked away in your closet!

Join me on February 28th from 6-7:30pm EST for a unique happy hour MASTERCLASS as we throw open the doors to your Female Leader's Closet!


Develop a Consistent IM STATEMENT

Your IM Statement is your instant message to others. What do you hope they remember about you? Is you IM Statement landing correctly? Is it making the impact you want? We'll be digging into what's important to you, your audience and your business - to find the instant message that reflects your goals, your seniority and your style.

Network with Other Female Leaders

You're resourceful, determined and brilliant! That's why you're in (or on your way to) a leadership position. What better way to learn and be inspired, than from others in a similiar position? With a smalll group of 8-12 participants, you'll have the time and space to learn, connect and partner!


Walk Away with Actionable Steps

Let's get down to the nitty gritty! We'll be looking at what you're doing NOW vs what you could be doing to drive consistency. Whether you choose to participate in "hot-seat" live coaching or quietly work on making changes, I'll walk you through what's working now and steps hone in on your consistency to make the change(s) you need.



February 28th 6-7:30 Est | Plymouth MI

In-person Masterclass and Workshop

  • Small group setting - limited to 12 participants
  • Cheese, chocolate and wine
  • Leave with ACTIONABLE steps to create CONSISTENCY

If you're ready to get serious about building confidence, consistency and credibilty, reserve your spot today!