Scenario 1

Scenario #1: I have a clear message, I am confident and clear on the message I want to articulate to the marketplace and I have a minimum of 3 current and professional personal branding photos.

Awesome! You can jump right into the program!


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Scenario 2

I want to be more visible in the marketplace but I could use further help to refine my messaging. 

My photos aren't up-to-date and don't necessarily reflect my current goals and expertise. I could use some guidance.

Great! You'll receive access to our proprietary Image Impact assessment along with 3 x 1-hour EXTRA strategy sessions to work on the following: 

  1. A strong message that resonates with your audience and creates confidence, credibility and consistency
  2. Style development to create credibility, confidence and consistency
  3. Photoshoot strategy: How to choose a photographer, what type of photos you’ll need to create a consistent message and help choosing your final photos

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Scenario 3

I'm ready to make a major impact! 

We hear you! You want the whole VIP experience and know that the consistency will take you further...faster!

We've got your back!

Not only will you receive the first 3 months of The Credibility Program in this edition, but you'll be joining us in person for a 2-day VIP experience!

The VIP Edition is an in-person at 2-day VIP experience at the Image Impact studio located in Plymouth, Michigan.

What’s included?

  • Half-day strategy session to hone your messaging and visible credibility
  • Personal Shopping Experience
  • Professional Hair and Makeup Session
  • Professional Personal branding photoshoot with 12 edited digital photos
  • In-person video coaching session to complete your first 12 videos!
I'm ready for the VIP experience!


Karyl is not just a coach, she is a counselor, advocate, and friend. I think she is that way with every single one of her clients - that's how she works it's that's wonderful.