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Image Impact™: YOU Are the Billboard For Your Business

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Professional Image Consultant and Branding Expert

Let's face it, you are a billboard for your business.

You represent a quick reflection and insight into your business. What are they seeing?

When companies design billboards they take great care with both the messaging and the visual impact of the billboard. They know they have a blink of an eye to capture your attention. It's the ultimate first impression.

Imagine this....

You're driving down the road and you catch a glimpse of the billboard:

  • Is the glimpse enough to make you take action?

  • Do you remember the company when you need the type of service they offer?

  • Is it a positive memory so you're recommending them to others or do you simply see and forget?

Now ask the same questions about yourself:

  • When others meet you are they inspired to take action?(book a meeting, invite you to the 2nd interview)

  • Do you get contacted from people or organizations that met you a while ago and now need your services?

  • Are people recommending your services to others, even if they haven't worked with you?

I'm hoping you're able to say yes to all three questions. If not, that's ok. You're one step closer to knowing that you need to make adjustments to your image and persona brand. Those adjustments will help you to make a positive impact with your first impression.

What you choose to wear and how you behave, communicate, and yes, even your digital presence, tells a story.

It's a silent story and it's the all mighty first impression. You only have seven seconds to make an impact. Forget about running down your list of achievements, your education, your knowledge. There isn't time to do that before the a first impressions is made.

You have to WOW them with YOU first.

It pays to take charge of your silent message. If you were to create a billboard to represent you, what are the handful of words you would use? What picture would you include? Would you just throw it together and hope for the best or would you take time to create a clear, confident, consistent message?

Businesses know that a billboard, or any type of advertising, is an investment of time, effort, and money. They're intentional with what they put out to the public. They know that the investment will give them exposure, credibility, and eventually increase their bottom line.

What are you doing to invest in the billboard of YOU?


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