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I AM: What’s Your Instant Message?

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

What is your personal brand saying

I...AM. When put together, they’re simply two words; add a third and they become a powerful tool. They become your I AM Statement and your instant message to the world.


  • Trustworthy

  • Organized

  • Creative

  • Innovative

  • Bold

Great news: YOU get to choose the word and your message.

Realistic news: OTHERS are choosing to believe it...or not.

It’s not enough to for you to believe your message. You need to SHOW it to others through your appearance, behavior and communicaiton. How you present your I AM Statement will, ultimately, determine how you’re seen, heard and remembered. Here are a few things to consider about this powerful tool:

WHO needs an I AM Statement? Everyone.

WHAT is an I AM Statement? It’s your one word mantra. It’s how you want to be viewed.

WEAR (yes, wear.) How you visually present yourself, including what you wear, is often the first introduction to your I AM Statement. Choosing a style that conveys that statement is key. For instance, if you want someone to believe that you’re trustworthy, you need to look like your trustworthy.

WHEN do I need one? Now. There’s no better time than now to take stock in how you’re presenting yourself. Are you confident in your appearance, behavior and communication? Are you creating confidence in others? By creating an I AM Statement, you’re creating consistency; which in turn, creates confidence. Are people responding to you as you’d like? Are getting the business, the promotion, the new job?

HOW: Finding your I AM Statement can be challenging. Start with 3 words and whittle it down to the one word that is non-negotiable; that’s a “must-have” for your success. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What sets you apart from your competition?

  • What qualities do you feel are important in your business?

  • If someone was to describe your character/personality/image what do you hope they say?

  • What is the one word you want to imprint on their brain?

Remember, your image isn't what you think of you, it's what others think of you.

Once you’ve decided on your I AM Statement, it’s imperative the you consistently deliver it though your appearance, behavior, communication and your digital presence. This becomes your image and your image is your business.

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About Karyl Eckerle:

As the founder and owner of The Business of Image, Karyl is an expert at helping others stand out by creating an authentic and confident first impression. With over 15 years in sales, staffing, and image consulting, Karyl brings a unique insight into the power of image and personal branding. How does she tackle this often passed over and sensitive topic? Thru an open, honest, and fun approach. To book your Image Makeover or Speaking/Training session, please email: Karyl@TheBusinessofImage.com

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