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Who's Who in Two w/Anne Bonney: The Courage to be Uncomfortable

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Welcome to the first official blog, vlog, interview, video (call it what you will) for "Who's Who in Two!"

The fact that my first interview is with keynote speaker, Anne Bonney, couldn't have been planned better. Why? Because her topic speaks directly to being uncomfortable. You see, I was approached earlier this year to host a podcast and I found the mere thought of it more than a little uncomfortable. But, lo and behold, an idea popped into my head a few weeks ago and here I am: hosting a new interview series and having a blast.

I'm so thankful to have Anne in my life and to be able to share her insights, tips and "just do it" attitude with you. Here are some highlights from our talk:

Karyl: What exactly do you speak about?

I ignite people's courage to embrace the discomforts in life. Mostly the discomfort of change, that's where it started, but also the discomfort of tough conversations, the discomfort of leading in a positive way, and of being emotionally mature.

Karyl: Tell me a little bit about why the "uncomfortable" subject?

Anne: Well, I see people today wanting to slide into the grave never getting uncomfortable and life is uncomfortable. If you ever want to do anything or get anything or fix a relationship or, you know, try something new, you've got to get uncomfortable. And so I realized there's a great niche here where people need that different mindset around getting uncomfortable and making it okay.

Karyl: Yeah, you're exactly right because sometimes we feel that emotion and uncomfortable makes us even more uncomfortable and all of a sudden we're stagnant; we can't move. And I love that you are talking about this and making it okay. A lot of times what happens is that once we conquer that uncomfortable fear, we're able to go way further than we would have ever even imagined. So what is one tip that you do have for people who are faced with that uncomfortable situation?

Anne: Well, I think that one of the basic things to know, and I think it's a knowledge thing, because no matter what it's gonna be uncomfortable, that's the whole thing. But basically knowing that discomfort is normal.

Everybody feels it and, this is the thing, nobody has it all figured out.

Anne: And I loved it when I realized that, and I remember exactly where I was, and exactly what I was doing (I was driving to work) and I realized, wait a minute, no matter how much their social media looks like they have it figured out, no matter how put together they are, nobody knows what's going on. Nobody knows if what they're about to do is gonna work. Nobody knows if this conversation is going to go well. Nobody knows.

Everybody's uncomfortable. It just knowing that makes you realize that, okay, I'm not the only hot mess here.

And you realize your uncomfortable and their uncomfortable, too. And then you're like, yay, cool, now we can actually get something done.

Karyl: Yeah, absolutely. You can do all the steps to lead the conversation and present yourself the way that you want to be seen. You can do all those things, but in the long run you really can't determine what the other person is going to do, think, or say. So being, comfortable with uncomfortable is really an avenue straight to confidence.

Exactly. Exactly. And again, that realization and just jump in and do the best you can. Build your skills, get in there. But be okay that you don't know what's going to happen and nobody does.

Karyl: And I love that. I'm notorious for this: I'll jump into a situation where I really haven't thought it through because it sounds fun and it sounds creative, hence what we are doing right now. But that's part of the joy of life for me, you know, and, and hopefully other people can find that joy, as well. I know that you have. That is one of the things that I absolutely love about you is that you are so unafraid to be uncomfortable and take new chances.

Anne: And I'm going to correct you there,

Yeah, I'm really shaking in my boots, Karyl, I just do it. I just get bigger boots, you know?

Karyl: Thank you for that because you're right, it is being okay with being uncomfortable. It's alright to be shaking in your boots, but if you don't take that step forward, you don't know how many other steps forward you could have taken.

I hope you take the time to listen to the full interview with Anne. You'll get a feel for her energy, passion and dynamic personality. As a matter of fact, you can get a weekly dose of Anne by listening to her podcast. Last, but not least, be on the look out for Anne's new book of 47 tips to getting over the discomfort of change.

As always, thank you for stopping by and remember...

Your image is your business®️

Enjoy the day - Karyl


More about Anne:

Anne Bonney is a fun, energetic speaker and workshop facilitator.   After 20 years in highly successful leadership positions, Anne founded Different Shoe Enterprises and now uses her experience, education, and expertise to ignite her audience’s courage to embrace the uncomfortable; in change, in communication and in becoming influential with others.   She shares fun and relevant stories, time-tested knowledge and immediately applicable strategies for action.

e-mail: Anne@AnneBonney.com Phone: 443-253-2634 Blog: www.igniting-courage.com Podcast: http://igniting-courage.buzzsprout.com


For more information on my Executive Image and Personal Branding programs, click here. To contact me directly, please email me at Karyl@thebusinessofimage.com.

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