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Virtual Meeting Mayhem: 5 Quick Tips to Up Your Image Impact

Updated: May 23, 2020

Many of you are experiencing virtual meetings either for the first time or at a rapidly increasing rate. And they can be excruciating to sit through if participants aren’t prepared. I liken it to the equivalent of trying to manage a disruptive middle school class: they’re on their phones, they’re walking around, eating when they shouldn’t be, doing homework for the next class (ie. next meeting), and they’re in their pajamas!

All kidding aside, it’s important to maximize your impact during these meetings. It's important for you to show your leadership and your ability to be a problem solver. This means being prepared and showing respect for the meeting and the other participants.

The #infographic below will give you 5 basic steps to maximize your impact and avoid unintended distractions. Whether in-person or on-line, remember...


Professional Image Consultant on how to create impact during virtual meetings

Do you or your organization need some guidance on virtual meeting etiquette and/or on-line impact? Let's talk! Email me at karyl@theimageimpactgroup.com to set up a complimentary 30-minute Image Impact™️ discovery call.

About Karyl:

Helping others shine is Karyl’s passion, and the Michigan native puts those around her at ease with her frank and fun communication style. Her love for sharing positive insights about first impressions, professional image, and personal branding has led her to become a sought-after corporate speaker and consultant. With a business background in management, marketing and sales, Karyl is a pro at stoking a fire within her audiences and private clients. An “advocate for confidence”, Karyl guides individuals through an exploration of what makes them unique while empowering, educating, and encouraging them through her Image Impact™️ branding programs: a powerhouse combination of professional image and personal branding.

Karyl Eckerle | The Image Impact Group LLC

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