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Image Impact™: 4 Ways to Power Up Your Personal Brand Through Video

This week I had the great pleasure of chatting with Dan Bennett, Founder of 1 Minute Media . Our conversations covered:

  • The power of video

  • His 1 Minute Media program (of which I'm a happy graduate)

  • 4 ways to engage your clients and prospects through quick and easy video content (See details below!)

I love that Dan saw a gap between what big companies were able to produce and what small companies needed to produce and built the bridge through his on-line course, 1 Minute Media.

Check out our interview to find out about these topics and more:

Here are Dan's top 4 simple and effective video ideas that you can create easily and effectively:


Here's what Dan says in our interview about this idea:

(09:25 of our #7econdstrategies interview)

"The first one and I love preaching on this: is introduce yourself. I love it because it's so simplistic in nature, but complex in execution. If you do it correctly, (like) so many things in life that are super powerful or really simple, it doesn't mean they're easy, but they're really, really simple. And so when I say "introduce" yourself, it's not, "Hey, I'm Dan, I'm the Antipreneur, nice to meet you." It's what are you about, why should someone care? Give me a little peek into your world to see if I want to come all the way in and, and know more."


Here's what Dan says in our interview about this idea:

(13:59 of our #7econdstrategies interview)

"I actually show my space. I show some of the tools that I use to create our podcast and to, you know, do zoom meetings like this or interviews like this. And some of our camera equipment and the computers I use and that kind of stuff, because people are interested in what people's spaces look like. Now. It could just be your office, which is awesome. Cause then you're only showing five or six things, and this is how I get my work done. Or it could be a manufacturing facility where you show behind the scenes of the machines and the workers and how things happen.

I like the idea of a mechanic. I don't know why, but I'm always fascinated by mechanics and what they do and how they keep people on the road...what is the process? Where am I going? What does the facility look like? How do you operate? What is your space?"


Here's what Dan says in our interview about this idea:

(16:16 of our #7econdstrategies interview)

"The difference between showing your space and behind the scenes for a lot of people is your space is generally where you're just getting work done. So maybe you even work out of a coworking space. You could still shoot a fun little video, show yourself, show where you usually work, maybe highlight the facility and they give you a free month because you made a video that gets some extra views for them, always leverage video.... So if I was to take my camera gear out and go shoot a series of interviews with a company or whatever that is completely different than showing my space, that's showing behind the scenes of what actually happens. Then I could film myself while I'm editing, share my screen and all of a sudden take you into the process."


Here's what Dan says in our interview about this idea:

(18:59 of our #7econdstrategies interview)

"(This is where) you can do tutorials, instructional videos, walkthroughs, and, a lot of times what you'll see, especially on YouTube is someone's screen being shared. So you can see what they're talking about and then like a little picture and picture of them down in the corner. So you can still see them. And it's actually not very hard to do.

Due to our current world climate, it's become imperative to #pivotgrowlead. We were quickly thrust into a virtual world and now it's time to maximize the opportunities that come with the new "norm."

There's no time like now, to get jump into video. When your prospects "google" you (and they will), what will they see? Video is a way to connect with your audience that's personal, professional, and, ultimately, profitable.

After all...



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