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The 2020 Breakout: Your Image IS Your Business®️

Updated: May 23, 2020

You've worked hard to build a business, a brand, a legacy. And now it's time to breakout: to be seen, heard and remembered as THE EXPERT that you are.

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It's time to control your narrative, to open new doors and to create new opportunities. It's time to find, and present, your new V.O.I.C.E. through IMAGE IMPACT BRANDING:

First impressions happen in the blink of an eye. Whether it's 3 seconds or 7 seconds, your silent message (i.e. your VISIBLE CREDIBILITY) is a major factor. We'll take a look at your current style and how that plays into your profession, industry, and goals. How are you making your audience feel? Are you credible? Are you creative? Are you detail-oriented? Are you trustworthy? How you present yourself through your choice of clothing, hair, grooming, and accessories tells a silent story. It's time to know what story you're telling and make the adjustments necessary.

Image Consultant Karyl Eckerle making a positive first impression

With change comes OPPORTUNITIES. What opportunities still feel beyond your reach? What opportunities are there for the taking? What opportunities do you feel slipped away? The more we can outline and dig into, the more we can understand what changes we need to make to your Image Impact Branding to help create the desired outcome.

Your INSTANT MESSAGE starts with your visible credibility and carries over to thought, word and deed. What are people seeing on the internet? What is your current message saying to them? What are the topics of discussion (video/blog/articles) currently saying about you and are there some changes that need to be made to be congruent with your new goals and messaging?

She took great pains to understand ME, and not recreate someone else in me, and that was very important. It was also a TON of fun! - Anne Bonney

Individually these two words are important; together they're POWERFUL. Your CHARISMA and your CREDIBILITY will need to support each other in order to maximize the impact you have on your clients and prospects. Whether you're the face of your own business or a trusted member of your organization, it's imperative to bring the charisma that you already have to the forefront of who you are. This will be supported through credibility built on an authentic image and brand. Your authenticity, charisma, and credibility needs to be shown visually through your personal presence and digitally through photos, videos and written information.

Karyl is a fantastic coach...In fact, when it comes to investing in your best future-self, few things bring such high returns. - Irina Sullivan

Your EXPERTISE needs to be seen, heard and remembered. You want to be known as THE expert in your field, not just AN expert. You need to be known for solving problems and creating solutions that will have a positive impact on your client's bottom line. Company representatives that are in a position to commit to large volumes of business, need to see you as an equal, as a partner, as a SOLUTION. The content and information that you share going forward will be in alignment with your new goals and messaging. Will you still be you? YES! Simply a more confident, clear and consistent version of you. This will eliminate confusion, highlight credibility, and set you apart from your competition.

Are you ready? Let's talk...

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