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Image Impact: Power Up Your Message

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

I’m often asked if I’m a stylist. The answer is no. Style is a huge component of how I help my clients but I’m really in the business of EMPOWERMENT. What does that have to do with style? Everything. How you present yourself visually is the precursor to success or frustration. Understanding how first impressions can change the course of your business, and how to strategically utilize this knowledge, is EMPOWERING. Here’s the catch, you need to make sure that you’re staying in your lane; creating a confidence and authenticity that is felt by both you and your audience. If this piece is missed so are opportunities. Instead you may find confusion and mistrust.

So let’s get back to style. I believe you should have a closet full of clothes that empower you. I believe that updated hair, makeup and grooming make a difference. Why? Because it’s important to be seen, heard and remembered for the right reasons. Distractions = missed opportunities.

What are really talking about? Image Impact! How are you making others feel? Are you leaving them feeling confident and interested in learning about how you can help them or are they on to your competition? Your visual impact is your silent introduction to others. Are you sending the right message?

I’m going to leave you with 3 words to think about when thinking about how you want to visually represent yourself: FIT: Do your clothes fit correctly or is tailoring needed? Does your clothing, hair, makeup, and grooming fit with your goals?

FLATTER: Is what you’re wearing flattering or distracting! What about your hair, makeup and grooming? What’s flattering in one situation can be a distraction in another. FUNCTION: Are your clothes functional for the job you do? Are they appropriate for the function you’re attending? There’s another major piece of the puzzle and that’s respect: respect for yourself, your audience and your industry. But, alas, this is a topic for another day.

Cheers to feeling EMPOWERED!


About Karyl Eckerle:

As the founder and owner of The Business of Image, Karyl is an expert at helping others stand out by creating an authentic and confident first impression. With over 15 years in sales, staffing, and image consulting, Karyl brings a unique insight into the power of image and personal branding. How does she tackle this often passed over and sensitive topic? Thru an open, honest, and fun approach. To book your Image Makeover or Speaking/Training session, please email: Karyl@TheBusinessofImage.com

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