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Laughter, Lessons Learned and Inspiration: Who's Who in Two w/Gina Schreck

Updated: May 23, 2020

Where do I start with Gina? Three words come to mind: vivacious, fun and whip-smart!

Gina and I have been connected on #twitter and #Linkedin for about a year, however, this interview was the first time we truly met one another. A 15-minute conversation turned into an hour of information, motivation and a TON of laughs. She has an energy about her that is undeniable and makes you want to hang out with her, talk with her and learn from her.

Did I tell you that she's whip-smart? It's worth saying again and, although she laughed at my calling her a guru, I believe she's a guru at her craft: social media marketing. She prefers to say that she's a student and she's been a student for a long time. This is exactly why Gina's the person you want in your corner; she's continually learning, continuously honing her craft. She knows that there is no magic bullet (as my friend Dan Bennett always says.) She knows that it takes hard work, continuous education, and trial and error to stay in the game and ahead of the game.

So, what did Gina and I talk about? Lots! From the name of her company, to who she works with, what she does and what's new and useful. Check out the video above for all the details.

From an image and branding point of view, here are a few things that also struck me from our conversation:

  • The unique name of her company, SocialKNX and why she chose it: Although the name was born out of necessity (many social media URLs were taken), the name speaks to her creativity: you know exactly what it means and exactly how to pronounce it. From an image and brand management viewpoint, she hit the nail on the head.

  • We talked about the need for individuals and companies to utilize video to establish themselves as an authority in their field. The reality, however, is that not everyone is comfortable with this medium. The option? Podcasts, interviews, hiring outside professionals. We also talked about the importance of "live" videos, particularly LinkedIn Live. Gina is at the forefront of using LinkedIn Live and shares valuable content weekly through this medium. Check out one of her latest videos on how to get started in podcasting.

If you have 12 minutes, the video above is well worth your time. Get a pad a paper and take notes. Social media isn't going anywhere and if you are serious about getting your message out, Gina is someone you need to connect with on your social media channels.

Our 15-minute conversation turned into 45 minutes and an invitation for me to be on Gina's podcast: The Journey (check out our talk here.) I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute spent with Gina. From the laughter to the lessons to the inspiration; Gina, thank you!


More about Gina:

"Gina Schreck is the founder of SocialKNX and is a leading authority in this space, speaking globally on the topic, and has not only written several of her own books on the topic (most recently–Social Media Doesn’t Work… unless you do) but was also the technical editor on the Idiots Guide to Social Media. She was voted one of the top social media coaches in 2015, Best social media blog in 2017, hosts her own podcast, and her kids know she is more tech-savvy than they are!" - SocialKNX


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