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Image Impact™: Be Seen in Virtual Meetings

Don’t go into another year confused about how to show up (LITERALLY) in virtual meetings.

Every day business is won or lost based on how your first impression lands. And in today's world, it's almost exclusively based on your VIRTUAL first impression.

Have you thought about the opportunities and business that’s being lost or......*GASP*... going to your competitor because you're not standing out during virtual meetings?

I've got you covered!

Check out this quick #7econdstrategies video to make sure that your audience can, literally, see you:

Lighting is a great first step. But it takes more than good lighting to make an impact.

Get ready to maximize your virtual meeting impact with my 5-step process.

​ ​I’ve set aside 10 spots for INDIVIDUAL quick-fix sessions at special pricing of $249 (reg $350.)

Sessions available now through January 8, 2021.

This exclusive 1-hour session will include:

✅Understanding the 5 "must-haves" to stand out

✅An assessment of your current set up

✅Ways to improve immediately

✅Suggestions for equipment (if necessary)

Grab your date and time by clicking HERE

​ ​

Upcoming Events: ​

The Female Leaders Closet: the VISIBLE CREDIBILITY Session is THIS Thursday. If you haven’t already, please make sure to reserve your spot and receive your individual Zoom link by clicking HERE

​ ​

Cheers to a great week!



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