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Image Impact™: The Top 3 Reasons to Maintain Your Personal Brand During a Crisis

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Q: Are you currently posting to social media?

A: We're waiting until things settle down.

My inner response:


Why such a strong reaction to a simple statement? First, let me give you a bit of background:

The thought behind my clients' comment was that it would be best to take a break from social media due to Covid-19. Why? Because of concern over sending the wrong message to their audience. This is a legitimate concern and why you need to be thoughtful with your messaging.

The reason for my inner shock? Because choosing to say nothing is saying something. And that "something" becomes an open invitation for interpretation. Why? Because you haven't taken control of the narrative.

I can understand why "waiting for things to get back to normal" may seem like the right thing to do, but for the sake of your image and brand, it's best to get back in the game immediately:

Why? Here are my top 3 reasons:


Staying top of mind means that your need to be seen, heard, and remembered more than ever.

It's important to continue to share your expertise and commitment to your business.

It may seem like things are at a standstill and that all you hear is crickets, but your clients and prospects are still reading, watching, and learning. Share your expertise. They need it!


When the dust settles, those that continued to be active and top of mind will be the ones we remember when we have a need.

Get creative. Share your why, your stories, your experiences.

Share content that grabs your audience's attention. Show them how your solutions are pertinent now and in the future.


When times are tough, we need true leadership. Are you able to #pivotgrowlead or did you simply disappear?

Show your clients and prospects that you can still be depended on to be a strategic partner, to help them achieve their goals, to be counted on in a time of crisis.

If the only time you step up is when times are good, it shows a lack of leadership and the ability to handle change.

Your need for an up-to-date, relevant, and authentic personal brand doesn't go away when things get crazy. As a matter of fact, with the quick change to a predominately virtual sales environment, honing your image and brand is more important than ever.

After all...



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