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Image Impact™: Spend More, Save Money

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Are you overspending by settling?

This concept comes up often when I'm working clients on their visible credibility and the direct impact clothing has on image and personal brand.

Let's face it, a lot of of you don't find shopping all that fun. So you end up settling. You settle on an item because it "sort of" fits or because it's below a certain price point. You buy it because it's "fine."

Then you get home, wear it once, feel awful and never wear it again. Or worse yet, you wear it and feel uncomfortable all day and your confidence takes a dive. What is this really costing you? Time, money, confidence, and, yes, maybe even business.

Check out how COST PER WEAR works:

Example 1: You settle for an "ok" shirt for $30:

  • You wear it once and it sits in your closet because it makes you feel uncomfortable, self-conscious, and your confidence plummets when you wear it.

  • It's cost you $30 to feel crummy.

  • You repeat the process; constantly settling and constantly being frustrated.


Original Cost: $30

Times worn: 1

COST PER WEAR: $30 ($30/1)

Example 2: You find a shirt you LOVE for $90:

  • You love it and it becomes a go to item. It makes you feel great, sends the right message and you wear it every week


Original Cost: $90

Times Worn: 52 (1 x per week for one year)

COST PER WEAR $1.70 ($90/52)

Save your money and buy what you love, what fits you properly (or tailor it), what fits your personal and/or professional needs, and what makes you feel confident!



...choose wisely.


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