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Image Impact™: Are You Leading with the Year You Were Born?

Updated: May 23, 2020

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A while back, I had a conversation with a colleague to regarding a man that was told by a #recruiter that he was too old to be placed...WHAT? My initial reaction was disbelief and anger. My next thought was WOW, this scenario serves as a huge reminder that leading with experience versus age can give you a distinct advantage.

This is where appearance can be a deal maker or breaker. Are you coming across as up to date and relevant or are you stuck in another century? Remember that confirmation bias can work for you or against you and has long term ramifications. Check out my #7econdstrategies video for more insight and information on how and why it matters.

Audio Transcription:

And on today's seven seconds strategies. I want to talk about being on the older side of the workforce. Now, why is that important? Because, well, for many reasons, many of us, me included, we are not young whipper snappers anymore. So yeah, I just dated myself. But here's the thing, if you are looking for a new job, maybe you're out of a job, maybe you're coming back into the workforce because guess what? A lot of us stayed home with our kids and now we need to do something for ourselves. So we want to get back into the workforce. A lot of us choose to do an entrepreneurial venture, but some of us really want to go back into a company. And I heard yesterday while talking to a really great person, that her husband had been told that he was too old, too old.

What is that? Okay, first of all, that's just upsetting. So what do we do about it? Well, as an image consultant, one of the things that I talk to my clients about is that when they are going forward, it is best to lead with your experience and your ability to solve a solution rather than the year you were born. Okay, so again, what does that mean? Well like I said earlier, a lot of us have stayed home with kids and we've taken care of parents or whatever the case may be. And we look in the mirror and we think, Oh wow, gosh, I haven't updated myself in a really long time. And when you take charge of that, when you bring yourself into a relevant situation where you feel really confident because you look like relevant. And you look like you're up to date. That's when you can start leading with what you bring to a situation and not be concerned about the fact that you look like you might be older.

Cause guess what? You are older. And guess what? You bring things to a company and to a situation that the younger generation can not do because of experience. Don't sell yourself short. You can hear the passion in my voice. It was a conversation that was, that did affect me and it was upsetting. But take control of the narrative. Take control of the narrative by putting yourself in the very best view you can. You are important. Your past is important, your experiences are important. And so it's the younger generation, but they are not any more important than you. And you are not any more important than them. Together we can come together and create great things for companies and great things for experiences.

And for those of you out there that are in the, um, in the realm of being able to hire a workforce, please take into consideration that we bring something that nobody else can. And that is a boatload of experience.

So anyways, set yourself apart by taking control of the narrative. Walk into that room knowing that you bring what nobody else can. And that is your experience, your knowledge and your education. You put that all together and you have something that nobody else can touch.

So that's it for me. Seven seconds strategies. Thank you for allowing me to get a little passionate today, but I think it's important.


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