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Are You Findable? The Importance of Digital Presence

Extreme Zoom Makeover…that was the title of my recent presentation to a group design professionals.

So how did we go from a presentation about Zoom to a conversation about being findable? Easy...when it comes to selling virtually, one drives the other.

Competition is tough and buyers are spending an unprecedented amount of time researching solution providers BEFORE they agree to a virtual meeting.

If you’ve been lucky enough to win the initial battle of securing an appointment, it's imperative that you show up as the professional expert that you are.

For my presentation, in order to truly understand what’s at stake with virtual sales calls, I knew some background and some stats were in order to help put everything in perspective.

Before the Presentation

In the week leading up to the presentation, I asked participants take part in my proprietary image and personal brand assessment. This allowed me to gather information on areas that this particular group excelled at and areas in which they needed strategies.

The Results

The results were interesting - I found that the majority of the participants were not utilizing digital strategies to highlight their expertise and thought-leadership. And when they “googled’ themselves they weren’t showing up as the expert that they are.

Now, many of the participants at this point may have been thinking: why does it matter? This is supposed to be an extreme zoom makeover.

Well, the reality is that you're going to be on a virtual sales call more often if people can find you.

If they can't find you - it doesn't matter what your level of expertise is - they are going to go to your competitor and your loss becomes your competitors opportunity.

Back to the results...here's what I found:

80% of participants answered "no" to the statement: I'm sharing my expertise via video, podcast, interview series, or webinars a least 2 x per month.

Only 12.5% of the participants answered "yes" to the statement: When I google myself, the top search results demonstrate my expertise.

Now here's the greatest part about the results: the opportunity for you to stand apart from competition is huge! Embrace video, podcasting, video, an interview series. There are a million different ways to get your expertise out to those that need you. Don't you think it's time to put in the work and think creatively? Don't you think it's time to take control of your image and personal brand?

Check out a snippet from the presentation:

Why Does it Matter?

Here 3 major reasons why it’s important to do the work to increase your credibility and findability:

  1. You become findable and in turn become top of mind.

  2. You create confidence in your abilities.

  3. You are seen as an expert and thought leader; someone with the ability to solve a client’s problem.

Approximately 67% of the buyer’s journey was done digitally BEFORE the pandemic. As you can imagine, that number has most likely increased dramatically.

Now think about this scenario: There are 3 people you are considering hiring or doing work with:

Candidate #1: you search and find 0 information about them. They have no online presence.

Candidate #2: you find pictures from social gatherings but no professional information and an incomplete LinkedIn profile.

Candidate #3: you find a professional headshot and photos, links to articles and/or blogs that show them as an expert, and videos where you’re able to get a peek at their personality.

Who do you choose to schedule a meeting with? Who has made you feel most comfortable? Who has the know, like, trust factor?

Long story short: if a buyer's able to easily find you through their online search and they feel a sense of confidence with what they find - they are more they are more likely to end up on a Zoom call with you.

And now we’ve come full circle as to why managing your Zoom presence is a must:

You're a solution provider. You're an expert in your field. Maximize your impact by being prepared and doing the work.


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