You've worked hard to build a business, a brand, a legacy. And now you're ready for the next step: to be seen, heard, and remembered as THE EXPERT that you are. Working with an image consultant and coach will help you create a more powerful personal brand.

It's time to control your narrative, to open new doors, and to create new opportunities. It's time to find, and present, your new V.O.I.C.E. through IMAGE IMPACT™️  branding. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Karyl's services in personal brand management and styling. Karyl's help has been invaluable in saving me time and even money in achieving my personal and professional goals. What's more, Karyl is a fantastic coach and I dare say, under her care, I've become more confident about making complex and far-reaching decisions about my professional image. In fact, when it comes to investing in your best future-self, few things bring such high returns. 

Irina Sullivan, Attorney

Your image is your business®️   

It’s the foundation of your personal, and professional, brand.


With Image Impact™️ coaching and consulting we’ll take a look at who you are; your experience, your expertise, your goals, your clients, and your prospects. We’ll talk about where you are now versus where you want to be. And finally, we'll develop the steps that are needed to create a more powerful professional brand and image.  

This journey is directed by you with actionable steps created for you.

the UPDATE program

Consistent Image Credibility through
Appearance | Behavior | Communication | Digital Presence

This program is all about confidence. The confidence to step up to and into the opportunities that are headed your way.

We'll also drive confidence and consistency forward by delving into your behavior and communication style and your digital presence. As a professional personal brand and image coach, my job is to coach you on tactics that you can employ to make sure that your Image Impact™️ branding is in line with your new narrative. This includes assessing your LinkedIn profile, website, blogs, videos, and photos. It may also include speaking to past/present clients, co-workers, and employers. We'll be working together to make sure that your Image Impact™️  branding is consistent across all platforms and creating the steps needed to implement change and to take control of your narrative.



Image Credibility | Video | Networking | Speaking | Presentation Skills

This program gives you everything outlined in the UPDATE program and springboards you into honing your networking, speaking, and/or video skills, allowing you to truly be seen, heard, and remember...for all the right reasons.

Working with a professional image consultant and branding coach, you will learn how to craft your personal brand and stand out as the expert you are.  




the CREDIBILTY program 


Karyl Eckerle

Image and Personal Brand

Coach | Consultant | Speaker

The Image Impact Group, LLC


Northville, Michigan United States

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