Image and Personal Branding Speaker | Coach | Consultant

As a business, you know that you're only as good as your employees. Investing in their image development is as important as investing in training and education. Create a more powerful brand with a professional image consultant and coach for your team.

From new hires to leadership, employee image is one of the most important, yet overlooked, parts of the business. As a matter of fact, professional image and personal branding is the silent introduction to your business. The reality is that first impressions are made in about 7 seconds. Are your employees sending the right message? 

How your employees present themselves thru appearance, behavior, communication, and yes, their digital footprint, makes a difference to their success and your bottom line. You've defined expectations, now I'll show them how to navigate the waters of personal branding and professional image while allowing them to create an authentic and confident image that compliments your company brand. 



When she speaks to a room she gets everyone involved and laughing in her creative activities and increases engagement though her powerful presentation style.

Angela Bevak, Business Relations Specialist, JVS

“I HIGHLY recommend bringing Karyl into your company to talk about making lasting impressions. She was so engaging and she kept everyone so interested!"

Brittany Haas, Business Development Specialist, SCAN Oakland

Karyl was able to bring us all back to “center” and introduce or re-introduce us to an updated version of business dress without losing our identities.

Shari Quinkart, HR Manager, DMCU Credit Union

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