Karyl Eckerle, Corporate Image and Personal Branding Consultant

Confidence! It's one of my favorite words. It can take you to new heights and create opportunities you have only dreamed of. How do you get there? By being YOU.


Let's face it, nobody does you quite like YOU, so we're going to hone in on what makes you special and create an image that speaks volumes.


We're going to use the power of appearance, behavior, communication and even your digital presence to make sure you're telling the right story. 


As the founder and owner of REVISIONS Style and Image, my job is to help you stand out for the right reasons. To help you create an authentic and confident first impression.


With over 15 years in marketing, sales and staffing, I bring a unique set of experiences and insight into the power of image and personal branding.

My promise to you is to create an open, honest, productive, and fun approach, to an often sensitive and confusing topic.