Join personal brand and image expert, Karyl Eckerle, and a select group of high-performing women in an energy-filled, interactive group coaching program based on Karyl’s new book:

 Your Image Impact: 49 Tips to Find Your V.O.I.C.E. in a Crowded Space.

This unique 60-day experience is a fast-track Q&A style group coaching format - created by you - and guided by Karyl’s successful strategies.



Finding Your V.O.I.C.E. in a Crowded Space

With Karyl Eckerle, Image and Personal Brand Coach, Keynote Speaker, and host of “Who’s Who in Two” 

You've worked hard to build a business, a brand, and a legacy. Now you're ready for the next step: to be seen, heard and remembered as THE EXPERT that you are.



"Karyl helped me to bring my business from undercover out into the light!!


She helped me to create a clear and strong image that is now synonymous with my business brand. With her guidance and coaching, I was able to better identify my core client market, have a stronger social media presence and work more confidently. 


I feel as if Karyl gave me a road map to my business!  Now, I have a plan to navigate my real estate business successfully!"  - Missy Rudin, Missy Rudin Homes


60-Day Fast Track Coaching Program


In this new normal, what are you doing to make sure your personal brand is resonating?

How can you make sure that you’re staying at the forefront of people’s minds, and sending the right message about who you are?



  • Unsure how to highlight your expertise (or what it even is)?

  • Attracting the wrong clients and audience?

  • Seeking increased visibility?


  • Open-minded collaboration with others?

  • Meeting like-minded people?

  • Being in the driver’s seat?


  • Learn how to control your narrative

  • Master how to connect with and influence others

  • Find your path as a thought leader


I have spent a lot of money to try to further my speaking business, and I can honestly say that a lot of it was wasted on people who didn't deliver what they promised.


What I can also honestly say is that the money I spent with Karyl was some of the best money I ever spent.


She delivered what was promised, but more importantly, she made me THINK differently about my image, and I genuinely shifted, and the value of that has had ripples for the 3 years since we worked together! Karyl is the real deal, and I'm so glad I invested in her expertise! - Anne Bonney

It's time to control your narrative, open new doors, and create new opportunities. 

It's time to find, and present, your new V.O.I.C.E. through

IMAGE IMPACT™ branding.

During this program Karyl will coach you on these five steps:



How you present yourself through your choice of clothing, hair, grooming, and accessories tells a silent story. As your professional image coach, we’ll look at the current story you’re telling, and make sure your appearance matches what you want it to tell.



What opportunities lie within your grasp? We’ll identify and dig into both the low-hanging fruit and the aspirational, giving you the personal branding tools you need to help you reach them.



We’ll examine what your Social Media channels and conversations are really saying about your personal brand and make the changes needed to become congruent with your new message and goals.



We’ll bring the charisma and credibility you already have to the forefront of who you are through your visual presence, your digital photos, videos, and written content. Working with an image and branding coach brings a perspective that is often missed when trying to craft your brand alone. 



You should be known as THE expert in your field, not just AN expert. We’ll create a powerful personal brand that is more confident, clear, and consistent to eliminate confusion and highlight your unique skill set.


I wholeheartedly recommend Karyl's services in personal brand management and styling.


Karyl's help has been invaluable in saving me time and even money in achieving my personal and professional goals.


What's more, Karyl is a fantastic coach and I dare say, under her care, I've become more confident about making complex and far-reaching decisions about my professional image.


She is flexible, tech savvy, pleasure to work with, and very knowledgeable in her field. In fact, when it comes to investing in your best future-self, few things bring such high returns. - Irina Sullivan


Receive a copy of Karyl’s new book, Your Image Impact: 49 Tips to Find Your V.O.I.C.E. in a Crowded Space and use it as your roadmap for discussion on: 

  • Forming the right first impression

  • Filling the Perception G.A.P. (Goals, Audience, Profession)

  • Making your goals clear and consistent

  • Creating an “I AM” statement

  • Finding your dormant superpower

  • Recognizing and tracking your expertise through testimonials

  • Mastering the secrets of effective digital communication

  • Learning how to achieve virtual meeting impact

And much more….



Your Image Impact: Finding Your V.O.I.C.E. in a Crowded Space Program Schedule:

SHARE AND LEARN from Karyl and a trusted community of fellow participants during weekly interactive 50-minute group video calls, getting YOUR specific questions answered.

READ AND APPLY what you learn to real life situations. Activities and lessons will be hands on so that you see changes in real time. 

BECOME A FAST TRACK VIP by adding on 2-30 minute 1:1 coaching calls and VIP VideoAsk access for questions during the 8 week program. 

Sessions will take place Tuesday at 4 p.m. EST, running for eight consecutive weeks beginning. One-on-one coaching during Week Seven will be booked separately with flexible days and hours. All sessions will be available for replay.  Can't make it to a session? No problem. Send in your questions and they'll be answered during the session and included in the recorded playback.



Meet Karyl

The 7-Second Strategist

Helping others shine is Karyl’s passion, and the Michigan native puts those around her at ease with her frank and fun communication style. Her love for sharing positive insights about first impressions, professional image, and personal branding has led her to become a sought-after corporate speaker and image consultant. 

With a business background in management, marketing, and sales, Karyl is a pro at stoking a fire within her audiences and private clients. An “advocate for confidence”, Karyl guides individuals through an exploration of what makes them unique while empowering, educating, and encouraging them through her Image Impact Branding programs: a powerhouse combination of professional image and personal brand. 

Practicing what she preaches, Karyl hones her own craft as a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and serves on the board of the NSA Michigan Chapter. She is also a member of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), the largest organization of image professionals worldwide. 

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Image and Personal Brand

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